Saturday, January 23, 2010



An illustrators blog with probably mostly pictures in it and this is called “story is king”? Uh?
Yes, well, it’s just… it is because I like good stories, even though I don’t like to draw pictures with stories in it (like those). Strange eh? It all boils down to a comment from my fellow colleague and friend Eckart Breitschuh on a Podcast talking about writing… I only knew “kill your darlings” or “keep it simple, stupid”, but “story is king” was so on the right side of the truth. I like to read and I wrote some stories myself and this is it – story is king, there are no two ways about it.
I bow down, get on my knees and all that. It’s all about respect – one of the most important things in life.
Stories are fragile and often times shy things, they have to be nurtured and sometimes whipped and sometimes both at the same time, but in the end we have to recognize them as what they are – one of the greatest things on earth for us fugly humans.
So this is why this is called “story is king” even though it is about pictures: I simply love good stories.